School Prefects body

S tudents have the power to make a difference in their schools and so the students are empowered by working together to achieve a common goal and a shared purpose. All the students of each Section have been divided into four groups like...



T he Blue Group stands to get the brilliancy out of the students by conducting examinations and fluency in English language by taking measures for improving spoken English.The role model of Blue Group is Mrs. Sarojini Naidu. She is been called the “Nightingale of India”. She was a brilliant student and became the first women governor of Uttar Pradesh in 1947-49.

“Education is a progressive discovery of our own ignorance.”

Examinations are the measures to access the academic level and the understanding capacity of the students. It gives an opportunity for the students to prove their excellence academically and also a chance to know the position they stand in the class. So our group has taken this as a privilege to conduct the examination effectively and systematically without any disturbance in the examination system. We have taken utmost care and planned very well that a class accommodates only 16 to 20 students to avoid any malpractice, thus ensuring a healthy atmosphere for the children to write their exams.

Invigilation by teachers is done very strictly. The seating arrangement for the exams was alternating with different classes, which completely avoids any contact with the members of the same classes. Thus avoid any discrepancies.

Examinations for this year 2011-12 were conducted as follows: three Unit Tests and Two Terminal exams i.e. Quarterly and Half Yearly Examination.

Keeping in view the vital role played by English language in the world our group emphasis strictly on encouraging our students to speak grammatically correct English. To create awareness among our student we have put up banners and charts connected to various concepts in grammar, in the corridors, where the students constantly come in contact with them.

Students who excelled in the exams were given badges for the first and second rank they secured, by our beloved Principal in the assembly. This is the best kind of appreciation our students would ever demand.

Blue group was successful to a large extent in our goal with unfailing support and able instruction of our dear Principal ensuring the right system of Education. We would also be continuing so in the future.


G reen report stands for peace and prosperity our role model being Mahatma Gandhi, the Father of the Nation, who since childhood stood for truth, discipline and punctuality. To instill the same values in the students of our school our group took up the vital responsibility of the overall development in the students and to create awareness of the importance of the values of Truth, Discipline and punctuality in one’s life.

A self disciplined person becomes good citizen of a country. A disciplined person harbours sound mind and body and can perform better in life. Our group takes the duty of maintaining discipline in all forms in the school especially at the times of conducting assembly, boarding the school bus, at the recess etc.

Cleanliness is another aspect taken care by own group. As the saying goes cleanliness is next to godliness and school being the temple of learning, our students are guided on those lines. Cleanliness of surroundings and the personal hygiene of student is checked. Proper uniform which or neat and clean is given importance and the school premises also is checked to see if rubbish is thrown in proper allotted places. Incharge leaders are appointed to educate the other students and check on them in the free time.

Our group was successful to a great extent under the inspiring guidance of the Principal Pushpa Leela who is an icon of disciplines mind and body herself. We should continue in our efforts to bring the best in school in the future also.


T he Red Group shoulders have the responsibility of conducting competitions with its role model being SUBHASH CHANDRA BOSE. Red is a very inspiring and motivating colour standing for courage and sacrifice.

Under the able guidance of our Principal Sr. Pushpa Leela we were successful and played a vital role in tapping the hidden potentialities of our students by conducting competitions level wise in various fields of academics and extra curricular activities. In turn the student too participated to prove their abilities, talents and creativity. Students merit was recognized by awarding them

The following are the competitions held in this year 2011-12 at various levels taking into consideration of the classes and at times the age group.

1. Drawing competition 2. Essay writing competition 3. Vegetable carving competition 4. Elocution competition 5. Fancy dress competition 6. Dancing & singing competition. 7. Rhymes, story telling & games were conducted for KG

In this way different competitions were held all through the year to the students thus adding colour to their student life thus bringing out the hidden potentialities from them. Our school stands to build the all round personality of a child thus making a fully fledged citizen of the country. Red group was successful to a great extent under the able support of our Principal to achieve this mile stone.


H eavy bags, stress education, no relaxation makes a child feel uninteresting. In order to have a stress free education and relaxed physical body and mind. Cultural activities will play a vital role in the development of a child.

In our institution YELLOW GROUP very promptly carries the responsibility of cultural programs. It organizes various programs, national festivals and many festivals in Indian traditional way showing, we still value our old culture and tradition and to make children and parents aware about it through the various programs presented during the academic year.

I hereby stand as the Group captain to give a gist of our group activities during this academic year.

YELLOW is psychologically the happiest colour in the colour spectrum.

The role model of our yellow group is Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru Independent India’s first Prime Minister. To start with we had Fruit week in the July month. Children brought different kinds of fruits during the week and were displayed in the respective classes in the morning hours on 9th July. Various cultural programmes (Songs, Skit, Action song, Fancy dress) were held after the assembly depicting the values of different kinds of fruits. Afternoon teachers and students involved themselves in preparing a FRUIT SALAD”. Later theYUMMY SALAD was distributed to all of them at ST ANN’S FAMILY’.

The festival RAKSHABANDHAN was celebrated to show the importance of the bondage between a brother and a sister. The principal tied Rakhi to the male staff standing as an example for the importance of the day.

Then we celebrated our 64th Independence Day on August 15th. We had with us Mr. and Mrs. Dr. Manish Gaur as guest of honour who shared their views on this occasion.

Ramzan and Vinayak Chaturthi were also celebrated with cultural events. Then we had a most important event that is the Teacher’s Day. We dedicated this whole day to the teachers and conducted events exclusively for them and entertained them. Another important event was the Children’s day wherein the Teachers dedicated the day completely to us and entertained us very well. One important event on this day for us during this year was that blind people gave a musical treat for us which was quite amazing.

We also celebrated Christmas for a week having carols daily. We had Christmas Celebrations in School, the Chief Guest being Rev. Fr. Showreddy. Parents also actively participated in the celebration where in three parents were invited to cut the cake. As part of the celebrations we had exchange of gifts between the teachers as well as among the outgoing X batch.

As part of Sankranthi celebrations Rangoli competition was held for parents who actively participated and won prizes. A parent has come forward to hoist the National Flag on Republic Day.

And now…… we have the great Tiny Annite’s Day. I take this opportunity to mention an important thing that we are in the successful 14th year of celebration here at St Ann’s Madinaguda.

I hereby conclude my report by thanking each and everybody present here including all my dear teachers and sisters for giving me an opportunity to stand here before you. Thank you to one and all again.