St.Ann’s House

St.Ann's House

A St. Ann’s House takes up the responsibility of conducting free and fair exams. It takes up the task of arranging the question papers, providing seating arrangement for the students, distributing the question papers and answer scripts and supervising the invigilation.

St. Ann’s house takes up the responsibility of improving the communication skills of the students. It takes every step to bring standard vocabulary among the students. The ILM faculty strive their best in order to bring polite communication amongst the students.

We organise programmes and skits to bring awareness on the importance of English. Even activities are conducted once in a week to help children get rid of stage fear and to improve proficiency in the language. Every day after lunch break St. Ann’s house students introduce a new word and speak about its usage in order to enlarge the vocabulary pool of the students.

St. Ann’s house keeps itself alert and active in bringing about smooth and fluent communication skills among the students. The successful running of this house owes its credentials to the principal Sr. Pushpa Leela G for the encouragement and appreciation given for every task.