Roman Catholic Report


Aim : To proclaim Jesus Christ by word and deed.

A beautiful fragrant flower with Perseverance Understanding Sagacious Hospitable Prudence Amazing qualities bets describes our beloved Principal Pushpa Leela. Under her outstanding able guidance and the motherly presence of our beloved correspondent Sister Thresa Varghese, Roman Catholic Mission Team, this year practically showed Jesus through deeds in a variety of programmes.

Our missionary school being a staunch follower of Christ and an ardent lover of our Mother Mary strictly took to practice the recitation of the Holy Rosary. We as a routine practice on every Saturday along with all our catholic students from I to IX classes accompanied by two teachers would recite the rosary.

In the month of July under the able guidance of our dear Principal Sister, the catholic teachers prepared to enact play of ‘Ruth’ in which the values of faith, kindness, patience and perseverance were shown. As our first encounter with the needy neighbour under the supervision of our Principal Sister and correspondent sister all the members of our team made our first visit to the ‘Home for the Old Age and the Destitute’. It was truly a touching experience for all of us and a very meaningful trip. We had a celebration of St. Ann’s feast with great ecstasy and delight.

In the month of August the school celebrated the birthday of Mother Theresa where the students of X std enacted a lay on the life of the great mother portraying her service oriented life.

In the month of September, under the inspiration of our Principal Sister the catholic teachers organized the Literacy Campaign in the streets of the Papi Reddy Colony.

In the month of October our Principal arranged the Holy Mass in the Immaculate Conception Church Kukatpally where were accompanied by the present X std to seek the Almighty blessings for their success.

In the month of November the month being dedicated for the departed souls, our Principal took the responsibility of taking the catholic teachers on a visit to the cemetery at Basuragadi.

December the month of celebration the catholic teachers divided into groups and took up the duty of organizing students for carol singing to all the classes there was a grand semi Christmas celebration on 23rd Dec in which we had a host of programmes related to the birth of Jesus. The Christmas message was given by our dear Rev. Fr. Showreddy.

In the month of January, a short play was enacted on the parable of ‘The Prodigal Son’ by the catholic students which showed how Jesus loves a repented heart. On 30th Jan, 2012 and 22nd Mar, 2012 the school sent the team co-ordinators Mrs. Sunitha and Mrs. Mary Swapna to attend a Motivation Programme at the pastoral centre, Gunfoundary as a part of the youth meeting (ISSYCM)

In the month of February the incharge teacher organized a quiz competition on the Mathew’s Gospel where the scriptures knowledge of our catholic students was tested. This is a part of the catechism classes the students attend. Under the able guidance of our dear Principal Sister, the catholic teachers prepared to enact play of ‘The Lost son’ in which repentance, forgiveness & love of God were shown.