RCM House


RCM house represents Roman Catholic members of our institution. The mission of the group is to spread the word of God. In order to spread the preaching’s of Jesus Christ we take up the following events.

Catechism classes are held once in a week in order to inculcate the virtues of Christian life among the children.

All the Catholic students gather at Divine Mercy Church to recite Rosary every Holy mass is conducted in the month of June to receive the blessings of Jesus for the success in the year Academic year.

The Statue of St. Anne was installed in the school campus that the statue may bring serenity and sanctity.

9 days Novena is initiated before St. Anne Feast. Each day is dedicated and prayed for the Congregation Sisters, Management, staff, grandparents, transport staff, menial staff departed souls.

St. Ann’s feast is celebrated on 25th July. The offerings collected during Novena are donated to orphanage for HIV children, mentally and physically challenged and old aged homes.

To pay homage to the souls which had departed, the RCM House paid a visit to the ______ cemetery.

The spiritual growth enhanced the mutual understanding between each other.