Events of the academic year

Events of the academic year

“Success is dependent on effort and success is the sum of small efforts”

Orientation – 2nd June

T o enhance the slow learners and to get them to the main stream orientation classes were held by Fr. Kolandai Sami, regarding the methods to be implemented in order to motivate them and stimulate their confidence, memory power, creativity and interests.

Women Cell

W omen cell is shaped up this year to create a better and just society by empowering women. Mrs. Nisha the counselor in our school and Mrs. Vyshali social teacher took up the responsibility.

O n 27th June Mrs. Madhu Bashini and Mrs. Ruth took the initiative of being part of the Women cell and counseling the students with problems regarding adolescence and give them suggestions to overcome such problems with ease.

O n 1st September the Youngest Ambassador Miss Aradhana Sharon (7.5 yrs) from Chennai , a child prodigy raised voice for Girl Child and proclaimed to indulge in social reforms and revolution.

T o promote environmental education and mobilize students to “Know Green, Go Green”. Kalam’s garden dedicated to A P J Abdul Kalam was inaugurated by our Principal Sr. Pushpa Leela in our school on 8th August.

E very Wednesday and Saturday a serene time as part of the stress reduction program for I to X classes meditation is conducted for 15 minutes.

Students Exposure to various events in campus and out campus

  • Colour week was observed from 21 September to 26 September. Our Annites had an exciting time in the last week of September. The groups have tinted on Go Green and Haritha Haram, The Consecrated Life, donating blood, water conservation and our culture.
  • Educational Excursion was organized for X students for the informal learning to Kerala in Dasara Vacation i.e. from 11th Oct, 2015 to 17th Oct, 2015.
  • Rest of the school (i.e. I to IX classes) was taken for one day picnic to Escape Grand Fort Resort on 21st Nov, 2015.
  • On the occasion of children’s day VI to VIII classes were taken to a movie on 17th Nov
  • LKG to I class students were taken to railway station, church, temple, masjid, vegetable market as part of the field trip on 5th Nov, 2015.
  • This was the glimpse of the annual happenings in our school. Now let’s have a look at the group wise activities.


“Learners need endless feedback more than they need endless teaching“

Blue group takes the elite responsibility of conducting the examination and improving the spoken English in and out of the campus.

In semblance to the CBSE syllabus in following the CCE pattern we have utilised the tools such as students reflection, project work, written work and presentation skills in order to assess both theoretical and practical knowledge of the pupils.

The jumbling method of seating was adopted to provide free and fair examination system.

Communication skill being the most inevitable essence of St. Ann’s groups of institutions focused by inputting passive vocabulary and enriching the active vocabulary. Women cell was setup to counsel the girl child about the safety measures and to bring awareness of the atrocities in the existing society.

Spirit of Charity was encouraged by introducing the drop box. On the blue colour day a skit was presented describing gender discrimination and the means of abolishing it.


“ Competition makes us faster, Collaboration makes us better”

Red group shoulders the responsibility of conducting curricular and extracurricular competitions. This year competitions were conducted to develop the vocabulary block . The competitions such as spell bee, word hunt were inserted to encourage students to search for new words and get an exposure to thesaurus. Visual presentation was introduced to bring out the spontaneous communication from the students. Debate was held to extract the arguing capability of the pupils. Essay writing competition was conducted to activate the logical thinking and the sequential presentation of the wards. Drawing competition was conducted to enhance the artistic capacity of the learner.

On the red colour day the importance of blood donation and the role of red cross was demonstrated.

Sound mind rests in a healthy body and hence sports were encouraged by conducting tournaments, matches and athletics. On the event of 18th ‘Ann’otsavam parents were given the opportunity of contesting in competitions like Memory test, musical chairs, basket ball and cycling.


“Confidence comes from Discipline and training.“

Our institution believes in nurturing individuals with the personality traits such as honesty, integrity, punctuality, sincerity, charity and serenity to become valuable citizens.

The responsibilities of Green group are :

  • Inculcating discipline among the pupils.
  • Checking the uniforms of the students.
  • Conducting the assembly session systematically.
  • Maintaining the sanitation and hygiene in and around the premises.

The other activities include bringing awareness on recycling and reusing , usage of bio degradable products and the natural way of nutrition.

On the green colour day “Haritha Haram” programme was carried on in the campus.


Yellow group plays the role of refreshing the minds by conducting cultural activities in the campus.

Preparations for the Investiture ceremony were carried on by the yellow group with concern and care. The activities include conducting elections , counting the votes, supervising the march past and organizing the programme on investiture day.

Ramzan celebrations went on with the festival fervor with the namaz offered on the stage and the Islam community exchanging Id Mubarak along with a skit. 69th Independence Day was celebrated with a patriotic air and pride on 15th August, 2015.

On the yellow colour day Gautham Buddha’s meditation , laughing Buddha’s laughter therapy was focused.

On the occasion of Rakshabandhan the outgoing batch was given an opportunity to tie the Rakhi on the stage following which our Correspondent Sr. Rosy.T.R too joined the celebration by tying rakhi’s to the male staff of our St. Ann’s family.

The teachers day was celebrated by the X students by offering guru pooja honouring the teachers and presenting a few skits.

To add the joy of children’s day teachers conducted the assembly and the lucky student from each class was selected in the assembly session. The whole day went on happily with the games and sports events.

Sankranthi festival was celebrated by showering bhogi pandlu on the nursery and KG students following which our Principal blessed them later the teachers and the parents blessed them.

67th Republic day was celebrated by hoisting the tricolor flag.


“ Where there is purity of heart there is purity of thought”

Christ was born , Christ has died, Christ is risen again, this is the good news we are here to spread through our RCM group. Evangelization is our prime duty and the superior duty ever.

The activities of white group includes recitation of rosary, catechism classes, bible quiz competitions such as Jyothirmai Bible quiz competition, visiting the cemetery on the All souls day and paying visits to the mentally challenged and differently abled children.

Our celebrations include the St. Anne Feast commemorating the divine aspects of our patron saint St. Anne on 26th July. Gnanamma Day was celebrated with great pomp and show as a tribute to our foundress Mother Thatipathri Gnanamma. On the white colour day “Year of Consecrated life “ was highlighted. Carols were sung everyday in the assembly session during the month of December reminding the Earth that the saviour is born to redeem us from our sins and the joy of giving. This year Semi-Christmas celebration was unique with the nativity performed by mentally challenged students of St. Ann’s Seva Sadan, Gopavaram, Kurnool under Sr. Reena Jose , the General Consultor of CSSA with a get together feast.

During lent season every Wednesday and Friday children donated money, tooth paste, soaps and powder as a part of charity.

On March 12th all catholic teachers and students visited churches and recited Stations of the Cross. On April 1st all RCM members visited orphanages and donated all the contributions of the lent season to orphanages in Medchal and Karimnagar. Four students participated in Jyothirmai Quiz completion received prizes.

1. Ruthu 96
2.Sathwika 94
3. Mary Sannidhi 93
1. B.Priyanka 95