Events of the academic year 2016 – 2017


“ Real education fetches you more than a job . It teaches you to live. It cannot be measured in any tangible way”

Staff Enrichment Programs:

T o enhance the slow learners and to get them to the main stream orientation classes were held by Fr. Kolandai Sami, regarding the methods to be implemented in order to motivate them and stimulate their confidence, memory power, creativity and interests.


The resource person Fr. K.T Jose SDB gave a lively seminar with his enriching and valuable lectures on the methods to be adopted for an active classroom atmosphere. He insisted on play way methods and learning by doing methods.

Orientation on Calligraphy : Orientation on printed writing for the staff .

The New Student Cabinet

The X students were nominated for the post of SPL , GPL and Captains of respective houses. IX students were nominated for the post of AGPL, ASPL and Vice captains of the respected groups. Elections were conducted and the winners were announced.

Jerusha X B SPL
Chakith Reddy X A GPL
Pranathy Reddy IX A AGPL
D.Pravalika X B Blue Group Captain
Sudeep Jones X B Blue Group Vice Captain
Sravani X B Green Group Captain
Arun Kumar IX A Green Group Vice Captain
Jahnavi X B Red Group Captain
Bhoomika IX A Red Group Vice Captain
Ishwarya X A Yellow Group Captain
Anoushka IX B Yellow Group Vice Captain
Inauguration of the Theme – Think, Eat, Save

The inauguration of the theme of the year 2016-17 : Think on Mercy , Eat Healthy and Save Lives took place on 2nd July and was dedicated to our Foundress Mother Thatipatri Gnanamma. The inaugural ceremony was commenced with lighting the lamp by Provincial Superior Rev. Sr. Ignatius Suman, Principal Pushpa Leela.G , Correspondent Sr. Mary Anila and Sr. Agnes Mary.

Investiture Ceremony

The Investiture ceremony was held with lots of enthusiasm and delight on 2 July, 2016. Our newly elected student cabinet took an oath in front of the whole school to be true to their posts and duties assigned to them. Mr. Ramulu, SI, Madinaguda police station was the chief guest of the day and appreciated the efforts of the students’ participation in the march past. With a sense of assurance and responsibility the new cabinet took their responsibilities.

Haritha Haram

“Protect our Earth Today for our Children’s Tomorrow.”

In the ongoing great green movement Haritha Haram, we planted a large number of saplings in our campus on 11th July.

The event was attended by Mr. Ramesh SI Miyapur thronged with a great number of students, faculty members Principal Sr. Pushpa Leela.G, and Correspondent Sr. Mary Anila T.R to plant in the school premises. And the students also took a rally in the school surroundings and have taken oath of taking care of each plant fro the whole academic year.


Educational tour was organized for X students for the informal learning to Agra, Delhi and Jaipur in Dasara Vacation.

One day Picnic

Class picnics from class 4th to 8th was organized to Ocean Park, Gandipet. Students of class 8th and 9th had a trip to Wonder la on 17th Jan.

Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO 2016)
Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO 2016) was held on 17th Oct, 2016. 20 students were selected as class wise toppers and 7 students were selected for 2nd level. Unified Cyber Olympiad (UCO 2016) 2nd level was conducted on 5th Feb, 2017.

153 students have participated for First Level Unified Council State Level Science Talent search Examination (SLSTSE 2016) was held on 17th Feb in our school premises.

Orientation for X students

Orientation programme was held for X students on Personality development, stress management, self analysis and tips for better concentration by the Resource person was Fr. Vijay Kumar

Handwriting Training: Handwriting training classes for 6th to 9th std was conducted which was very helpful in improving the handwriting of the students.
Workshop on Moral Values

Workshop on Moral Values for LKG to II Std to build up the future citizens with social values and value education.

Project PANTS

Sankalp has conducted PANTS session in our School during 8th and 9th February 2017. 180 children from class 6 have participated in the program. Ms. Rajeswari and Ms. Rashmi from Sankalp has facilitated the sessions. The session on child sexual abuse concentrated on making students understand about safe and unsafe touch and reacting to such incidences. Also information was given on ways to react and means of help available. The facilitators using interactive- play way methodology for these sessions.

The children were told about the importance of communicating when one is faced with unsafe touch by known or unknown people. They were asked to identify trusted people in their life who they can entrust their experiences with. They were also told about support systems available for children like child line, police and NGOs who could be reached out to in times of need.


Institute of Language Management (ILM) has conducted “ILM Day” on 4th March. The day was facilitated by the ILM faculty. The theme “A spectacular entertainment” was absolutely shown up in the performances completely carried by the students. Students of 8th and 9th hosted the program, skits, songs and dance were performed by the students. Based on manners, discipline and usage of language in the campus were awarded. Parents , students and teachers have enjoyed and especially parents were happy with their ward’s language.