About us

About Our School

Educational Goals

Remediate the Written language (reading writing and spelling) and mathematical skills of academically underachieving students.

Teach concept & problem-solving ability in Maths, Science & Social.

Develop skills, a healthy body & good sportsmanship through active participation in Physical Education Activities.

Regular Principal Meet with the students on their performance as well as their behaviour.

Making complicated concepts very easy to understand using Audio – Visual Animations.

To impart an updated knowledge to students to stimulate their integral growth.

School Profile

Cultivating Academic minds through the Power of Knowledge

Developing Enthusiasm, perseverance and questioning approach to life.

Nurturing, Developing thinkers, opinion makers and future leaders.

Eliminating stress by including creative arts and physical activities

Our history

T he main aim of St. Ann’s congregation starting is to proclaim Jesus Christ by word and deed through different apostolate directly or indirectly. According to the needs of the area we establish different institutions with the same intention our Superior General Sr. Mary Ignatius Loyola has decided to open a English Medium (unaided) School also in Madinaguda Village, Serilingampalli Mandal in Ranga Reddy District. The Aim of starting this Institution is to impart Education based on the charism of our founders T. Gnanamma. Jyothi Vidyalaya School in B.H.E.L Township was run by us up to 1998. As there was dispute between Management and the Staff our sisters could not solve the problem our Superior General decided to give it up and on the parents request opened the School in Madinaguda. At the time Samineni Arulappa was the Bishop of Hyderabad. Rev. Fr M. Chinnaiah was the Parish Priest of Kukatpalli.

The population in this area approximately is Fifty to Sixty Thousand and Literacy rate 60%. This area people work in different factories and small companies some are even labours depending on daily wages.1998 June 22nd according to the Instructions of our Superior General Sr. Mary Ignatius Loyola, English Medium School was started in the College (as there was no separate building for School) building with 244 students from L.K.G to II class with seven teachers. Sr. Mary Usha, Principal of the College was the first Head Mistress too.

By 1999 August School Building was ready with 7 rooms. Rev. Fr. M. Chinnaiah the Parish Priest of Kukatpally blessed it on 14th August 1999 Sr. Lourdu Ratna as the Headmistress took up the responsibilities in the new School Building. 3rd class was opened 80 strength increased from 244 to 450 Students. Another 7 rooms were ready by the end of the year 2000 – 2001.

We have applied for the Govt. Recognition from I to VII classes.

2000 – 2001 we have started 5th class also. In Ist floor 7 more rooms were ready altogether now are 21 rooms. 2001-2002 academic year Computer Education is Introduced, Starting from III to IV classes with 6 systems, as it is the need of today’s World. We have received Recognition by the Government RC.No. 2043/E3/2001 (12-02-2001).

2002 – 2003 School was reopened on 12th June as new admission took place, the strength is added and reached to 810. Staff members also were recruited and the number reached to 30. We have also applied for the additional section permission. A teacher is always a learner. There is no end for learning. So refresher courses for teachers are a must to improve academic standards to tune up professional skills. So seminar was arranged for the staff. A special English learning course also arranged for the staff in the school itself. We have received permission for additional section procs. L. Dis. No. 4691/E3/2002., Dated 9-10-2002.





Personal Attention

Imparting Knowledge


Cultivating Talents

Assessing Potential

Developing Skills

Inculcating Moral Values

Effective Learning